About us

Proyecto Esperanza is Riverbend Church’ first Neighborhood Development Center in East Austin with a desire expand their spiritual influence across the city to impact communities for Christ.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Development Center is to meet the spiritual, emotional & physical need of the community by providing basic goods and services such as immigration help through an immigration resource center, ESL programs (Teaching English), basic medical care, AA programs, Career Counseling, Computer labs, vocational training and after-school programs. Proyecto Esperanza is also developing La Panadería (Spanish bakery & cafe) and a co-working space to target Austin’s growing business community. It is a multi-use facility (still being developed) in East Austin will primary serve as a community center.

There's lot taking place behind the scenes. So far we had little over 200 students who have been through our ESL program. We are not only teaching English inside the classrooms but also taking learning outside, exposing them to various opportunities to explore learning in real life scenarios. This opportunities also allows ESL student to bring their families and engage them into other opportunities that we have to offer. The program will be an ongoing project that Proyecto Esperanza will continue to pursue innovative ways to take teaching and learning on next level.

This year, Proyecto Esperanza will also host “Community Thanksgiving Dinner” in November. For more details, please check our Facebook page. We will not only engage ourselves in serving the community but also teaching immigrants on why & how Thanksgiving is celebrated across America, in American homes. This is an exciting opportunity for you to connect with people from other countries, learn about their cultures but also help them help to assimilate into the American culture and way of life. For many immigrants, it will be their first Thanksgiving in America, if not the first Thanksgiving with an American audience. Join us!

Every year, Proyecto Esperanza also host “Community Christmas Toy Store” to help parents afford gifts for their children as they go through the season. For many years, families struggled to purchase gifts for their children during Christmas and most dad would go hiding as they were unable to provide. The idea to allow parents to buy affordable gifts was born. This added a dignified way for parents to purchase gift of their choice for pennies on the dollar. Many from Riverbend Church purchase Christmas gifts ahead of the season, gifts that would easily cost $10, 20, 30 or 50 which later are sold in the community for $1, 2, 3 or maximum $5. The money collected through this sales then goes to the local Church and their outreaches.

For 2019, we are looking forward for the launch of our phase 1. La Panadería “Pan de Vida” (Bread of Life, Spanish bakery/cafe) which will not only serve the community or also become a community gathering space.

Our 2nd phase, involves developing the CoWorking Space to allow diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting for a fraction of a price without ever owning a office. For more information on the effectiveness of Coworking places, please read the Howard Business Review on CoWorking Space. https://hbr.org/2015/05/why-people-thrive-in-coworking-spaces

The Phase 3 will host variety of projects and programs that are critical for the transformation of the neighborhood. This includes but not limited to, commercial kitchen, Immigration resource center, space for ESL programs, medical clinic, AA programs, Career Counseling, Computer labs, vocational training and after-school programs.

More programs and events are already in progress and are currently held in Austin Reconciliation Church premises.

Please like our page so that you will get latest information on exciting things that are planned in the future to bring transformation in our city. If you'd like to get involved in any of our existing opportunity, please contact Pradeep Thorat, Director for East Austin Neighborhood Development Center on ndc@riverbend.com for further information.